Speaker Schedule

Each interview will be available for 48 hours.

The schedule of speakers is listed below.

Day 1 – May 24

Hélène Cohen

The Business of Sensitivity: Individual Support

Janet Sandison

Experiences of a Mother: Art and Autism

Day 2 – May 25

Sarah Wayland

Relations between father and children with Autism

Karen Jackson

Inclusion and Autism

Day 3 – May 26

Sue Dengate

Food, Science, and Autism

Anne Masters, Ph.D., FAAIDD

Spirituality and Autism

Day 4 – May 27

Bill Gaventa

Generate a Sense of Belonging

Karenne Hills

Non-verbal Autism and Spirituality

Day 5 – May 28

Dr. Golda Joseph

Secrets to Increase the Quality of Family Life

Jenna Knauss

Young Adults on the Spectrum

Day 6 – May 29

Polly Tommey

We can all support a person with autism

Theresa Horab

Neurofeedback Interventions

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