The series has ended, but there is so much more to come!

Here is how you can access the Global Autism Summit 2:

For just $97.00 you will receive:

  • Lifetime access to The Global Autism Summit 1 and 2, including videos with English subtitles and videos with Spanish subtitles
  • PDF transcripts of the interviews in both English and Spanish of 70+ interviews
  • 12 month free membership for Live Q/A Event with a new guest every month (regular cost $297)


The Global Autism Summit 2 is a unique opportunity to hear from TOP EXPERTS IN THE AUTISM FIELD.  

It’s like sitting in their office as they give you personal advice on how to manage your autism, or your child’s autism, so the brilliant, creative side of autism can come shining through.

This online series will show you:

  • Strategies that dramatically improve behavioral meltdowns in school and at home
  • Special challenges women face, especially moms, and how to meet them peacefully
  • How medical, biomedical and natural interventions can change behavior, or not
  • Develop your child’s brain to transform autistic behaviors
  • Effective interventions for children with severe autism
  • How to improve social skills with autism
  • Productivity and motivational therapy techniques that work
  • The new mindset around autism, and how to adopt it
  • The freedom approach to thriving with autism
  • What are the best podcasts, websites, and resources available for autism
  • How autism just might be your greatest advantage
  • The shocking statistics about what happens when autism is not managed, and how to avoid it
  • and Much More!

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